This site is dedicate to the memory of my cherished loved one, My Baby who left this life entirely too soon.  My Baby lived in my home as MY BABY for 3 1/2 very short years.  To say that she had a heart of gold would be doing her a huge injustice.  She had a soul that shone so brightly that it lit up my life and has now left a huge hole.  I do not want our loss to be for nothing. 

My Baby was sick for the last 8 months of her life.  Our vet did everything in his power to save her and make her well.  Every test that could be performed was performed.  The problem with this was that nobody really knew what the normal results would be for these tests.  Many questions came up, such as, "do skunks have smaller adrenal glands than other animals?", that simply could not be answered.  During this 8 months, my vet contacted every vet and skunk expert we could find.  But, too many of the questions just didn't have answers.  I am convinced that had more been known and shared about skunks by vets and other professionals, My Baby would still be alive today.  I believe that the reason My Baby passed on at such an early age is absolutely due to the lack of veterinary knowledge about skunks. 

For that reason, will now be dedicated solely to the health and wellbeing of skunks.  This will include accurate medical knowledge, where it can be found as well as proper nutrition, where that information can be found. 

I say "where it can be found" in both instances because so little actual scientific knowledge exists about skunks that it is very difficult to find accurate information.

It is my hope that this site can bring together professionals who have actual working knowledge of skunks so that they may share that knowledge and skunks will no longer have to die due to a lack of knowledge.

With all of that said, the Skunk Dance page will also remain on this site.  I believe that a little fun is always necessary and My Baby would love to see the silly dancing skunks.

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